Meet The Team

Keeping our horses happy, healthy and fit takes a range of people with an eclectic set of skills. From the office admin, to the riders, to the yard staff - all of our staff are hugely valuable. Each one has their own skill set and unique experiences that they bring to the yard ensuring our horses are not only healthy but also happy.



Worked in Australia and is a huge asset to the team. She has a wealth of experience in the racing world. Role: Box driver and travelling head girl. 



The man behind all of the scences! When he is not offering years of advice on riding, breaking and backing he is ensuring that horses are transported, sausages cooked and that the yard is running smoothly from a maintenance point of view. 



Ex vet nurse and is a huge part of our full time team, being particularly great with young horses. She is always the cheerful face of the yard. Role: Head girl.


Oliver comes from a non-equine background and has grown from strength to strength, gaining his Amateur jockey license. He is a huge part of the team and our main work rider here.


Our longest standing member here who also juggles her own family. Previously worked at Jason Webbs. Bryony & Tasha make a force to be reckoned with running the yard.



Aimee joined us for a few months and is still here 3 years later! She is a real asset with her background in eventing making her good for educating the young horses. She is becoming an increasingly good work rider.



Linda’s office assistant. Beca, although new to racing, has done very well with a few of our ex racehorses doing ROR and juggles this with running her own livery yard. She has quickly learnt how to work under pressure.



Charlotte joined us from a top eventing yard and has excelled in completing the British Racing School and level 2 racehorse care and  management. She is becoming an increasingly good work rider. 

Libby Staff photo.jpg


Libby has recently joined Karen, helping with the RoRs and young conpetition horses, as well as assisting Beca and Linda in the office

The Team

We are delighted to have been awarded the 2019 Lycetts' two star award for staff welfare and development.

Team Champion Award